Hi, I’m Mike and today we’re going to be replacing the igniter on your range model. The reason why you’d be changing out this igniter is if your current igniter has a burnt out element inside of it or if your current igniter is burning a red or orange color when it should be burning a white hot color. When you get this element, we’re also going to keep in mind that we’re not going to touch this black part with our hands.

The reason why you wouldn’t want to do that is because once you get the oil from your hands on this element, the igniter won’t work so be very careful of that. For this repair you’ll need a flathead screwdriver, a 3/8 wrench, a phillips head screwdriver, a 1/4″ nut driver, a pair of wire cutters, a blade, and you will also need the new igniter. If you need a new igniter you can find one on one of our online stores.

Before doing any repairs completely disconnect your appliance from its power source. Before we begin this repair, we’re also going to also make sure that the gas is off as well. Once the gas has been turned off, you can go ahead and open up the door on the range. Next, we’re going to remove the racks inside of the range.

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Once both racks have been removed, next we’re going to remove this bottom panel out of the range. We’re going to do that by taking out these two screws. We’re going to lift up on the bottom of the range and slide it up and out. After that, we’re going to remove the flame spreader.

We’re just going to do that by taking out this bolt right here. So the igniter is going to be located right here and we’re going to have to disconnect the wires that are connected to the igniter. So we’re going to do that by first pushing out the bottom drawer. This will allow us to gain access to this metal frame right here. And using a phillips head screwdriver, we’re going to take out that screw and remove that frame.

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We’re just going to slide this metal frame across the wire. Next we’re going to have to detach the wire clip. So we’re going to do that by just pressing down on this tab and pulling the clip out. In order to take out the rest of the wiring connected to the igniter, we’re going to first take the igniter off of this metal frame.

And then, just using a flathead screwdriver we’re just going to pop the wires up and out of position. So I’m going to place our old igniter onto the range door. Next I’m going to grab our new igniter. You’re going to notice that there are some differences between these two igniters. However, these igniters both work the same and I’m going to show you how you’re going to maneuver and cut these wires in order for this igniter to fit into this range.

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You should get a set of wire nuts along with it. If you don’t have these wire nuts already, you’re going to have to find wire nuts from some other source. Using a pair of wire cutters, we’re going to cut this wire off of the old igniter. So we’re going to cut the new wire of our igniter.

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We’re just going to make sure that we leave enough so that we can plug it back into the range. So once the wires have both been cut, next we’re going to strip the ends of the wires. We’re just going to do that by using a blade.

Once both those wires have been stripped, we’re going to take both wires and we’re going to twist them together. And then we’re going to take our wire nut and we’re going to twist it onto both of the wires. So, we’re going to do the same thing for our next wire. You’re just going to cut it. We’re just going to strip the end of this one wire and we’re just going to take our wires, and just like the other wires we’re going to tie them in together.

Then we’re going to take a wire nut and make sure that the wires are both securely fastened into the wire nut. So we’re just going to screw the igniter back into the frame first this way it will be easier for us to reconnect the wires. So next, we’re going to reattach our wires that we took out previously.

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So once both of those wires have been reattached, we’re going to take this wire harness and put it through the metal frame that we took out previously. And we’re just going to take the wire harness and clip it back in. Next we’re just going to screw in this metal frame back in. So after that we’re going to reattach the flame spreader.

Once the flame spreader has been put back on, you’re going to reattach this bottom panel that we took out previously. Once the bottom panel has been put back into place, we’re just going to replace the racks and we’re going to shut our bottom drawer as well. And your replacement is complete. Finally don’t forget to plug in amp; reconnect your appliance.

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