You know, there’s just something about an antique wood stove I Don’t know. Maybe it’s just me, but I just got a soft spot in my heart for these old girls And I got a chance to put this stove in this year and I was really excited about it I’ve been working in this shop for 20 years and there was about time I did something to make it a little more comfortable out here and This article is gonna be about the installation of this old stove.

I Just want to be sure that everybody understands that this article is for entertainment Only I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination and expert on installing wood stoves If you want to install a stove like this in your shop I highly recommend you do your research and look into it before you do anything, especially if you’re unfamiliar with wood heat? Heating with wood can be potentially dangerous if the install is not done correctly there’s a few things you need to read for and but if installed properly They can be very satisfying and it’s just something that I really enjoy during winter months so Enjoy the article Hey everybody, it’s Mike here for the M James and furniture company.

Yeah, well it’s that time of year again up here in the Northeast and I know we don’t have a monopoly on the weather up here, but I like my shop these somewhat comfortable when I’m working I’ve got my little thermometer here hanging on my pegboard and You can see it’s not terrible out here. just me, but
It’s just a little under 50 But it’s not at all what I would call comfortable and it’s not terribly cold outside right now It’s been getting down into the 20s at night right around the 40’s during the day you can see I have a Air conditioner that comes through this wall when I built this part of the building I put this in because It happened to be a fairly hot summer that year and I thought I would really like to have this in here but I’ve only used it a handful of times So it really just sits here It doesn’t get any use so I’m going to be taking this out and I’m gonna do a through the wall kit For a small fight right here Here I have laid out everything that’s included And what they call it through the wall kit this is a tee and this goes for just outside the wall where the air conditioner is and chimney pipe will mount to this and This will be what the pattern that goes while the part that goes through the wall will put to this the kit also comes with a cap for your chimney This section here is a part that actually goes through the wall and connects here They include a couple of braces To hold your chimney to the wall the building on the outside.

I Give you this little adapter piece here for your stove pipe inside the building You get a little trim ring for around your pipe as it goes into the wall Now this piece here Also this section Right here is inside the wall and that part I showed you earlier that goes through the wall actually goes through here So this insulates the inside of your wall? From the heat coming out your stovepipe And included in that is this black trim piece When it’s all installed you got it doesn’t look too bad They also give you supports they goes underneath this tee to hold the weight up And I got part of it here And the rest of it I have over here This piece of goes on the outside of the building And the tee will rest on this to support the weight of your chimney And I’m gonna other side of the tee there’s a little cap And this comes well, there’s a couple of screws here, but this comes on and off you take this off We need to sweep your chimney and when you’re done you just put this back on I Have installed a couple of these units and they’re not too difficult to put in they’re usually pretty straightforward And they go along pretty quick.

The only thing that this kit does not include is the actual chimney pieces And I do have a couple of pieces left over from other installs that I’ve done For outside the building I prepared a piece of flashing here I could have used wood But I had this piece of scrap lying around from a previous project So I decided to just use this and I put some bends on the bottom so that the water will flow Out and down the outside of the building instead of getting trapped inside the wall causing rot Well, it looks like that’s about all I can do right now if you’ll notice the Overhang on the roof comes out farther Than what that symbol is gonna allow the pipe to stay away from the building. So I need to get a couple extra pieces where I can actually turn the pipe away from the building and Move it out a little more so I can clear the the overhang on the roof.

I Looked into buying a couple of elbows to push my stovepipe away from the overhang that you could see there They were gonna be about $200 for two elbows and I was gonna have to wait about a week to get them So instead I just made that wooden Extension there. That’s next to the building and I bought a 12 inch piece of pipe that goes on the inside of the wall and I just pushed my tee out a little farther The extension pipe is 50 bucks and I Just made the the extensions out of some scrap plywood I had lying around And I got it done one day.

So I think that’ll take care of that problem Now that’s starting to look a little better I Tell you what. It’s starting to feel warmer in here already Okay, wouldn’t you know it is? Well, it looks like but all is left to do now is Trim off around where my pipe goes out the wall And I could polish the stove up Clean that up polish it up nice with some stove black But what I’m going to do before I do either one of those things, I’m going to start a small fire in it I want to make sure that my plate doesn’t leak and I also want to make sure that that backerboard It’s gonna work behind the stove I want that to protect my wall from getting too hot and if it doesn’t work I might have to pull the stove out a little farther.

We’ll have to see how it goes Now I just started that stove and you can see it’s 50 in here Well, check it in a little bit Well stoves been running for about 45 minutes now and I kept my eye on it And it got hot? Underneath it pretty hot to the touch. now if you
So I had to build a heat shield Just go down a couple of bricks Slides it under there. I think that’s going to do the job.

This this backer board here got very hot to the touch But I there’s no heat at all behind it on the wall that’s good in the 45 minutes that the stove has been running We’ve gained about 10 degrees in here Well, maybe not quite 10 degrees just a little bit under 60, but not bad for 45 minutes With that heat shield underneath the stove I can hold my hand right on the hearth pad underneath the shield. few things you need to
I Put it in there. As far as I can go and I can hold it right there.

It’s warm Before it was it was hot. I couldn’t hold my hand on it If you have a wood stove in your shop or even in your home It is extremely important that you have a fire extinguisher readily handy I’ve seen a lot of people install fire extinguishers right on the wall behind the stove and That is a major mistake of the last place You want your fire extinguisher if you were to have a fire by the stove and you would have to go through the fire to? Get to your fire extinguisher not a good idea It’s always best to have your fire extinguisher near the closest exit This kind of gives you a perspective of where the fire extinguisher is in relationship to my wood stove as you can see it’s hanging on the wall right next to that is an exit sign and Right below that is a spiral staircase that leads to this first floor and then outside It’s also very important that you check your extinguishers regularly most aquire extinguishers have a gauge on them and you can see right there on that one up by the handle is a round dial and that Tells you if the fire extinguisher is okay or discharged It’s a good idea to check those at least on an annual basis But I usually check them a couple times a year sometimes more depending but at least twice You