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Does my refrigerator have a reset button? Not all refrigerators have a reset. For those that don’t, unplugging it and then plugging it back in is enough to reset it as long as the power in the circuits dissipates. That’s worse than hitting control-alt-delete on a Microsoft PC.

There are some refrigerators that have a reset button. If it does, you can push the reset button, wait two or three minutes and then try whatever you were doing again. What do I do if it doesn’t have a reset button? If you have a GE fridge, which doesn’t have a reset button, you’re back to unplugging it or re-plugging it in. Why would I need to reset the fridge in most cases?

The control panel might be unresponsive when you push a button to request ice, the control panel may have an error code that doesn’t match reality or it has motor issues. At least a reboot may resolve the control panel problems. If the reboot fails to fix the issue, at least you can call the repair tech and be more confident that it is a major problem, kind of like being more willing to take the computer to the shop after verifying you did actually turn it on before saying it doesn’t work.

What if does have a reset switch? For some fridges, you do have it, but it is labeled the trip switch. reset switch
I don’t see any switch at all, other than the standard controls.

For other fridges, the reset switch is there but on the back of the unit, so you just haven’t seen it before. be unresponsive when you
This is like hunting for the oddball keyboard key you need but haven’t used before. In the case of the fridge, you might have to pull it away from the wall and hit an unmarked switched near the base of the unit.

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Break out the owner’s manual before you break the fridge.