Today, we'd like to show you how to change the bimetal defrost thermostat on your refrigerator. It's a really easy job. All we're going to need is a quarter inch nut driver and a pair of wire strippers and crimpers. Let me show you how we do it.

Now, the first step in this repair will be to disconnect power to the refrigerator. Pull it far enough over, then you can unplug it. The next one, to empty everything out of the freezer and put it in a suitable storage spot.

We'll also need to remove the shelf. Just lift up, pull it away from the holders and set it aside. Now, in this model, we'll also need to remove the floor of the freezer as well as the evaporator cover at the back. There are quarter inch hex head screws and secure those in place.

Now with the two screws removed on the bottom. We can then pull that floor of the refrigerator and we'll set it aside. Now, if your model has an icemaker in it, you'll need to remove that. If it doesn't, we'll next need to remove this screw that secures the cover for the icemaker harness.

Then, just tilt that cover up, unhinge it from the top. You can pull that harness far enough that you can disconnect it. With a couple of little plastic tabs, secure that harness to cover and set that aside.

There's also a ground wire attached to a metal tab there. You can either remove that at this point or wait until you pull the cover off. Next, we'll take those two quarter inch screws out from the top. Then, just tilt that top forward.

Lift the air website out of the bottom. Fit the wire harness through that opening. You'll then see that ground wire attached at the front, just pull that off and set that cover aside.

Now, we have the evaporator cover removed. We now have access to the defrost thermostat. It's located up in the right hand corner at the top. Your model will probably be covered with frost and ice on the evaporator, so let that thaw out first.

Then, we'll just release that spring tab, clip to this on the bottom of that defrost thermostat. Pry it off with the tubing. We'll then cut the wires on the existing thermostat back about a couple of inches. Discard the old thermostat. Then, we'll want to strip the insulation back on those wires about 3/8 of an inch. Steve: Next, we'll take the new thermostat, make sure we have the installation strip back from the leads on that as well.

We're simply going to attach those with wire nuts to the existing harness. Steve: Make sure we have a nice tight connection. Steve: I also suggest that you wrap those with some electrical tape just to keep them out of the way of the evaporator and the tubing. Well, carefully tuck that in behind the pillory tube. Then, we will attach that spring clip on the tube in the same location that the previous one was on and support that tubing to the evaporator as you're pushing that on.

Make sure it makes some nice positive contact. Now, we can put the evaporator cover back on. When we reinstalling the evaporator cover, there's two things that we need to take care of. We'll need to make sure that we attach the ground wire, that little metal tab and also to fish the waters for icemaker out through that open. We need to give that ground wire a little crimp, make sure it fits on nice and tight.You can either remove that

Then, position that outlet duct assembly down into the opening in the bottom. Tuck the harness through the rectangular opening for the icemaker. Then, reattach the screws at the top. Next, we'll fit that icemaker harness into this little clip on the side of that cover. If your model had an icemaker, we would reattach that at this point.

Fit the cover into position, reattach the screw and then we can put the freezer floor back in. Make sure it fits under those two little tabs on that air website at the back. Install the retaining screws. Steve: We put the freezer shelf back in.

We're ready to reload the freezer, reconnect the power and the repair is complete.




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