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Today we’d like to show you how to change the lower dish rack in your dishwasher. It’s a really easy job. Let me show you how we do it.

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I’ve changed out that lower rack, we’ll first of all need to remove all the items on the rack, and then we’ll take it out and we’ll set it on a suitable work surface. Now, with the rack on a suitable work surface. We’ll first of all remove the cutlery basket, and if your model has these folding tines you’ll need to remove those and transfer them over to your new rack. Now, to do that you’ll need to release three clips that secure it to these wires on the bottom of the rack.

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Press down on them until you have all three released and then the assembly will lift away. We’re just going to set that aside. Do the same for the second set. You’ll have to alternate between each of them to get them all released. Just pull it forward and set that one aside.

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You can then discard the old rack assembly. Once you have the new one in position, we’ll begin by re-assembling those fold-down tines. Simply line it up on top of that rear wire.

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You need to install all three clips at the same time, so make sure that they’re all tucked down underneath the wires that run in front to back, and then just pivot each of them one leg at a time. Do the same with the second set, and now we’re ready to put the rack back in the dishwasher. So we’ll open the dishwasher up again, place the rack on the door, put our cutlery basket back in. Slide the rack all the way into the dishwasher and close it up, and your repair is complete.