Today we’d like to show you how to change the bank igniter on your oven. Really easy to repair. Let me show you how we do it.

Now before we begin this repair, the first thing we’ll need to do is to disconnect power to the range. We’ll neither unplug or locate the electrical panel, turn off the appropriate breaker, or remove the appropriate fuse. Once we’ve done that, we’ll work in two areas of this range, we’ll be working in the oven area as well as a storage drawer.

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You’ll want to remove all of the items from the storage drawer and pull that out. We’ll also open up the oven and we’ll remove the racks so that we can get out the oven bottom. We’ll just set those aside, and now we’ll go to the bottom of the range and we’ll disconnect the oven igniter from below. Now, the drawer is completely removed, you can see where the harness connector is for the igniter in the left rear corner here.

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There’s a locking tab on that connector. Very top in the center of that, we just push down on that tab, that should unlock the connector and we can pull it away. Just make sure it’s not wrapped around any of this wiring, and then we can remove the igniter from the inside. Now with the racks removed, we now have access to these two mounting screws that secure the oven bottom. Using a flat blade screwdriver, expose those up.

If these are corroded badly you’ll probably, you would want to replace those. Remove them and set them aside. Now with the screws removed, we’re next going to lift up on the oven bottom using these slots on the side, lift up on the back first while putting pressure on it to lift the front up, we’ll slide it towards the back, and then we can lift that whole assembly over and we’ll just set that aside.

There are some metal tabs at the front here that sometimes won’t interfere with only not topic, so you may want to just press them down a little bit when you’re done just so that they’re flat and are pulled out. Now the igniter is mounted to the side of the burner, the two screws that hold it in place are hidden beneath the flame spreader, so we need to remove that next. One screw on either side. These are typically number one square-headed screw.

Now you scratch the edge of that flame shredder to pull it out. Well, typically there will be some sort under the edges of that, so you may want to put some protective gloves on. Just put that on the front edge, pull it toward you to release the two mounting tabs at the back, and then we’ll set that aside. This is also a good time to clean the bottom side of that.

That would expose the igniter which is mounted to the side of that burner. You may be able to reach these two screws to remove them without taking the burner out, but if you find it difficult, it’s actually quite simple to remove that burner assembly, which is a single screw at the front, another one located at the back. Now with the screws removed, just rotate that burner slightly, first off you remove the safety valve, pull hose connector up through, and now we can change that igniter.

Now the mounting screws for the igniter are machine thread screw, so they are different from the rest. Sometimes those are difficult to remove from that mounting bracket. This one it’s often easier to take that whole burner up to do this repair.

We’ll discard the old igniter, then we’ll position the new one in place on the side of the burner. Again, use caution around the igniter tip, it’s very fragile. Now with the nitrogen security to the side of the burner, I’ll carefully put that whole assembly back in place. We’ll begin by tucking the parents connector for the igniter down through that opening first, and then we’ll try to line up the venturi tube over top of the orifice on the oven safety valve.

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You can view that by looking through the storage drawer just want to make sure that that orifice is up into that opening in that venturi tube. Maybe use caution in handing that burner assembly, we don’t damage the igniter. When you check, you see that that’s sitting down on top of that purpose, we can go ahead and reinstall the retaining screws. Next, we’ll put the flame spreader back in place. We’ll line up the two tabs at the back firs.

Again, use caution when installing that, that we don’t accidentally touch that igniter. Line up the holes for the mounting screws at the front and tighten those securely. Now, we’ll replace the oven bottom.

Let’s start up folding into the oven, tilt the back up slightly, again, touch that front edge just underneath the lip. Keep it up tight against the bottom of that lip, let it drop down flat on the back, and we’ll reinstall those two retaining screws. Start to tilt by hand. Make sure they don’t get cross-threaded.

These screws don’t necessarily need to be tightened with a screwdriver. They don’t have to be really tight, you have to leave a little room for expansion from the heat in the oven bottom. Before we close up the oven, we’ll put the oven racks back in.

We’ll slide those racks back in place and close the oven up. We’re now ready to reconnect the power, and our repair is complete.