Hi I’m Josh from appliance-repair-scarborough.ca. And In this article I’ll be helping you to diagnose problems in your oven. If you’re oven is like this one and the display is flashing and some parts of it are working normally such as the grill. reset the clock
But the main oven won‘t turn on it may be that the clock needs resetting.

Sometimes following a power cut the clock resets itself and you can see how to reset the clock by consulting the instruction manual that came with you oven. If you can’t find your manual then you may be able to download it from the appliance-repair-scarborough.ca website. Now if the oven has no display at all and has no power getting to it then you need to check the power supply.

First have a look at the wall switch where it’s connected. If the wall switch has an indicator lights make sure that that’s on to show that this power there. If there’s a socket on the walls which try plugging another appliance into it such as a kettle to make sure there’s some power there as well If there isn’t any power at the wall switch check the fuse box in your house. On the other hand if there is power at the wall switch then that would indicate a problem with the Oven.

Now it may be an issue with the terminal block on the oven and this is located on the back. I’m just going to turn this off and turn it around so we can have a look at the terminal block on it. This is the terminal block here on the back also make sure you have disconnected the oven when you do this.

And you can see how the cable comes in and screws into these terminals here. Those cables have got to be screwed in really tightly, if they’re not this can lead to burning and other damage. Just have a look for any signs of burning around the block. If you can see anything that we recommend just replacing the part altogether and make sure those cables are screwed in tightly.

If the terminal block looks okay the next thing you need to check is if there are any thermal cut-out in the oven. Now on this particular model I need to remove both the top and the back panel to access the cut-outs inside.

socket on

Now this is the thermal cut-out here, and you need to test this using a multimeter.

They should show up as a short circuit if they’re working correctly so reading less than a couple of ohms. Obviously any reading that’s dramatically different to that would indicate that the presence of a fault and you need to replace the cut-out. If you are getting a reading of a short circuit the most likely cause of no powers to the oven is a faulty Control Board and you need to replace the control boards.

Now usually it’s very difficult to prove the presence before with the board in which case you will just need to replace it . Now I have got the back of the oven let’s look at a couple of other problems that can occur. If you’re not getting any heat from the elements you can test then using your multimeter. Just place the meter onto a low resistance setting.

And then put the probes of the meter onto this terminal of the element this one here is the main fan element so I’ll just put the probes on and for working element he should be looking for reading have less than a hundred ohms and anything dramatically higher than that would indicate the presence of a fault. On this element my reading is about twenty six Ohms. And on the grill element here 55 Ohms and 35 Ohms.

So again it shows that both those elements are working OK. This Oven also have a third element here at the bottom so if it’s the same on your Oven make sure you check all the elements for functionality. Another problem that can arise is noise from the fans. either the cooling fan here on the top, or the circulation fan. This is usually caused by dry or worn out bearings on the motor. So you can usually resolve the problem by just replacing the relevant fan motor as necessary.

Now if you’re oven has a temperature indicator light you can use this to determine whether the fault lies with the thermostat or the element when you Oven isn’t heating up properly. When you first turn the thermostat on the light should come on and will turn off once the oven has reached the correct level. If there’s a problem with the elements that lights never going to turn off because it’s never going to hit the correct temperature.

On the other hand if when you turn the thermostat on the light does not turn on at all. That shows that shows there’s a problem with the thermostat. that you
Of course in either case you can replace the faulty part. One final tip to bear in mind is that you can prolong the life of the element in your oven by turning it down to its minimum temperature when you finished cooking just for a couple of minutes.

And that helps the circulation fan to get rid of any heat that’s left in the element and prevent it from overheating. If you need help diagnosing other issues in your appliances, check out our other appliance-repair-scarborough.ca articles. And spares for Ovens along with other appliances are available on the appliance-repair-scarborough.ca website.

Thanks for reading.