, In this article I'll be showing you how to fit an oven door handle to this Indesit cooker. Safety first: Always disconnect an appliance before carrying out any work. door handle to If your door handle is broken loose or missing it's very easy to fit a brand-new one. Top tip though if you have previously removed the handle from your oven door remember to retain all screws and washers as these can be pretty difficult to obtain.

The next thing I need to do is to remove the door from the cooker itself. To remove the oven door from the oven simply lift up the hinge catches to release the hinges lift the door up and away from the oven. Now what I'm going to do to protect the door just put a soft mat down onto the oven itself. But you could use an old towel or piece of cloth just to protect the door.

Now what I need to do is to separate the parts of the door by undoing these four screws at the bottom here and the two at the top. With all the screws removed carefully lift up the inner door and also the hinges. And here we have the outer door, you can see here that these are holes where the door handle should go through and they are retained by this bracket here which isn't fully connected to do be careful about that.

And then we can grab our screws we have a screw with two spacer washers, one locking washer and then this plastic washer which goes on the outside. So what I am going to do is bring the handle in and get my screwdriver ready. And what i can do is lift the outer door towards me, feed the screw and the two spacer washers and the locking washer through the screw hole put our plastic washer through it offer the handle up to the screw and then screw it together.

When screwing in the first side of the door handle make sure you don't screw it in to tightly as you wont be able to lift the other half up and screw it into place. With this other half what I'm going to do is put the plastic washer in to place first put my handle in place.


Pop it down and then I can simply put the screw and the other washes in place like this. With the handle nice and secure you can then refit the inner door.


I can refit all the screws. I can then refit the door. Make sure you hook the hinges up into the oven and then drop it down so it's nice and secure. Hook the hinges up into the oven at the door drop down put the locks in place. So there we have it, one brand new door handle fitted to this Indesit cooker.

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