Today we’re going to be replacing the charging port on the iPhone SE. It is very similar to the iPhone 5S but it’s a little bit different and the charging ports are not interchangeable so make sure you buy the right one. I will link all the replacement parts in the article description. There are two pentalobe screws down at the bottom.

Remove those and then using a suction cup and a thin metal pry tool lift up and pry gently between the plastic frame of the screen and the metal frame of the phone. You can lift up a little bit on the plastic edge of the screen without damaging it. Don’t pull it too far away from the device because there is a funky little ribbon cable down here.

We’re going to remove this metal tab and then lift up on the tiny little connection down at the bottom. That will disconnect the Home button from around the charging port. Then you can lift the screen up to the 90 degree angle. Don’t bend it past 90 degrees.

Remove these 6 screws and the two metal plates on top of all these connections. We’re going to unplug the battery first so there’s no power coursing through the device. And then we’re going to remove all the ribbon cables that are attached to the screen. Just unsnap those like little Legos.

There is a ribbon cable down here by the battery; this is what the charging port uses to connect to the motherboard. There are 7 screws that actually hold the charging port in place; remove those but keep your screws organized, they are different sizes and lengths and if you misplace them it will be very bad for your phone. There is a little sticker on top of the loud speaker.

You might not need to remove this; I did just for fun. There’s a little metal doohickey down at the bottom right of the loud speaker as well so if you lose that you know where it goes. There’s a little round ribbon cable that attaches to the motherboard.

Unsnap that and the loud speaker can pull away from the phone. This is the loud speaker. You can see the two little contact points on the bottom of it that rest on top of the charging port ribbon cable. It’s where it gets its signal from the phone.

Now the charging port can just pull away from the device. You can see a lot of the sticky glue down there along the bottom. I think this adds to the water resistance of the iPhone SE.

Here’s the charging port itself. There might be some parts that you need to transfer over from your old charging port to your new charging port like this little rubber microphone website. I’m just going to un-stick the microphone from the rubber part and then transfer that over to my new charging port ribbon cable.

Just make sure that your new one looks exactly like the old one before you go to install it.

this metal tab and

Same thing goes for this little metal bracket where the Home button plugs into the charging port. I’m going to stick my new charging port down into place making sure that the headphone jack is seated into this little slot on the frame. You’ll see these screw holes line up once everything is in its correct position.

You should have to force anything into place. Everything has its own little slot. Once everything’s situated you can slide the loud speaker back into place making sure that the left side of it is tucked down underneath that little port where the Home button plugs in to the charging port.

Sits underneath that and sits underneath the motherboard as well. Get the little sticker back into place with its two little screw holes on either side. I’m also going to seat the little round signal cable.

You might not need to

Make sure you get the 7 screws back into place and plug in the charging port.

Now up here at the top of the phone I’m going to connect the screen but I’m not going to screw in the metal plate yet, we’re going to test it before I get to that part. I’m going to plug in the battery, turn on the phone, and everything seems to be working. on top
If you end up with gray lines or a white colored screen, there’s a good chance that your ribbon cables up at the top aren’t connected correctly.

Just reseat those and try it again.

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Get those 6 screws back into place once you get the metal tabs down and then we’re going to try to get this little ribbon cable seated correctly. I’m going to use my tweezers to line it up over the little Lego type connection and then press it down into place, making sure it’s snug with my fingers. And then getting the little metal latch all up in there like rocket surgery. It is a big pain trying to get all that back connected.

I’m glad they got away from this design with the iPhone 6 and 6S. Once that’s in and connected, we’re going to go ahead and take the top of the screen and line that up with the frame. Tuck it in and then you can continue down the sides of the phone and clamp that down into place. You can turn the phone on at this point, make sure everything works, and then put those two bottom screws into place.

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