for another round

My dishwasher is not cleaning the top rack. on the top rack
Any idea why? It has given up rising to the occasion and focuses on the bottom 90%. No, seriously. I hate putting cups and bowls in only to find my pots and pans are the only things clean.

Check out the way the water could get sprayed based on how you put things in. The dishwasher timer
If the pans are so big they keep the top sprayers from spinning, the top rack won’t get clean. The top sprayers have clearance.

If you’ve had a lot of loose bits of meat or corn, that can come off the dishes and get stuck in the sprayers. I once found a whole bunch of corn on the cob bits stuck in the sprayer holes, preventing the top rack from getting clean. already run it with
They look clear when I look at them.

Check how you’re putting the items on the top rack. If they are too close together, they won’t get clean. I know that. You could end up like bunch of guys crowded so closely together through the shower that no one is clean by the end.

That’s a scary thought. Another possibility is that mineral deposits are clogging up the sprayer. How would I fix that? Put lime or CLR away on the sprayers to try to dissolve the mineral deposits.

I already run it with baking soda or bleach once in a while to clean it. That’ll kill mold and any bacteria growing in the drain. It won’t do a thing for mineral deposits. What else could it be?

Does the spray bar spin freely? If the joint is broken or stuck, it will only super spray the one section right above it. It spins quite easily, even when I casually bump it unloading the dishes.

The dishwasher timer might not be right, shutting down the top sprayer well before it is done. If it does that, the dishwasher is done for, because I don’t want to pay for another round of repairs.