Hi, it’s Steve from Appliance Repair. Today we’re going to show you how to change the inner door glass on your range. It’s a really easy job. All we’re going to need is a #2 Phillips screwdriver.

Let me show you how we do it. Now to do this repair, we will need to remove the oven door from the range. We’re simply going to open it to a broil position, then we’re going to lift up and pull back at the bottom of those hinges. Just rotate that hinge over the oven body, and then we can take the door and set it on a suitable work surface and do our repair.

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Now to disassemble the door, we’re going to begin by removing the two screws on either side on the outer edge at the bottom. That will allow us to remove the side trim pieces. Now next, we’ll remove these two screws closer to the center on the bottom.

That will allow us to remove the bottom trim, and we can set that aside. Then we can carefully lift that door up while holding the outer door glass against the frame, and then we’ll just lay that door on its back and you can slide that outer door glass away and set it aside. Next, we’re going to remove the two screws that were below that outer door glass.

They secure that top trim piece in place. Remove those and then lift the top trim, slide it up, and lift it away. Next, we’re going to remove the remaining two screws at the bottom that secure the hinges to the inner door panel. Now to make lifting that hinge a little bit easier, we’re going to remove these two spacers at the top.

lift that frame

There’s one for the face of that top trim piece and one to support the top of it as well. Remove that single Phillips screw. Take note of how that spacer fits on there, and then the top spacer has a little hook on it that fits into a slotted opening on the top of that hinge. Lift that as well. Lift up on the bottom of the hinge and pivot it away.

You’ll see where there is a hook on the front of that hinge that fits into that slotted opening on the door panel, and then that opening is where this clip will fit into position. Do that for both sides, and then set them aside. Next, were going to lift that heat shield away from the door panel, and then we’ll set that aside.

Now, if the door glass that you’re replacing is still in one piece, you will simply lift the old one out and discard it. If you’re replacing the one that is closest to the oven, we’ll next need to remove screws across the bottom that hold that frame in place. Next, we’ll just remove that insulation, and then we’re going to remove the screws and clips that hold that frame and glass into position. Then, we can lift that frame away from the glass and set it aside.

If your old glass is still in one piece, just use caution and lift it away from the gasket and discard it. We’ll next take the new pane of glass and make sure that it’s clean, and then lower it into position, then center it up between the spacers.

If need be, you can clean that frame of any food spills that may have gotten on it, and then we’ll position that over the glass, make sure that the flanges on the edge of that frame fit over the edge of the glass, and then you can reinstall the retaining clips, then tighten all of those securely. Then, we can reinstall the insulation. We’ll next just lower that outer glass panel into position, make sure it sits inside the edges of that frame.

Then we can next put the heat shield back in position. Just make sure that we have the insulation pushed back out of the way. Center it up, making sure that the bottom of that heat shield fits in underneath the lip at the bottom of the inner door panel.

that rectangular opening

Now we can reinstall the hinges. Begin by tucking at hook in the slotted opening at the top, hold the hinge down into position, install a single screw in the bottom to hold it there. That’ll be the screw that’s on the inside edge at the bottom.

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We’ll next reinstall that top spacer clip, making sure that we hook that little tab into the rectangular opening. We’ll set that spacer or on top of it, and then install the screw to secure them in place. Make sure we keep them square.

Then we’ll repeat that for the opposite side. We’ll install the spacer on the opposite side, again, making sure that we hope that little tab into that rectangular opening, and then position the spacer on top and secure it with a screw. Next will be the top trim piece.

Just make sure that this top edge hooks across the face of the inner door panel. Slide it into position and replace the two screws. Next will be the outer door glass. You can take this opportunity as you install that glass to clean that bottom edge, because typically, there will be some food soil that will accumulate there. We’ll just use a razor knife to scrape off any of the hard stuff.

Then, we’ll take a little bit of glass cleaner and clean that up. Next, we’re going to put the bottom trim piece into position. We’ll slide that over the lower edge of that glass, and then install the two screws in the center to hold that in position. Next will be the side trim pieces. Again, we’re going to make sure that we tuck that little offset in underneath the edge of that top trim piece, and then the top side of that side trim will slide underneath the outer door glass.

Then it should rotate into position underneath the bottom trim piece, and then we can install the two screws that secure it in place. That bottom screw actually secures the hinges well. Then repeat the same for the opposite side. Now, we’re ready to reinstall the door on the range. Now when reinstalling the door, I suggest that you push these hinges into the burrow position first, and simply just push them until they lock in that burrow position.

Now with the hinges locked down, we’re going to slide those into the slotted openings. Keep the door as upright as possible until we have it all the way back. You’ll feel them drop down into position.

Check the gap at the top, make sure that it’s equal and that the door opens and closes easily. Our repair is complete. I told you it was an easy job. Thanks for reading. Good luck with your repair.