welcome to pro tect today we’re featuring a article from Doug Mandel I’m replacing the coolant reservoir on a Ford f250 6.0 let’s see what he’s got to What’s up everybody. My name is Doug and today I’m gonna be showing you what I get to do all my 250 changing out the cooling reservoir expansion tank whatever you wanna call it things since up under the hood and basically D gas is the cooling system I got done fixing a leak in my power steering system yesterday and I looked under the truck to make sure it wasn’t leakin anymore and coolant was leaking out instead so we’re showing you how I do this this is about as close as I can get to my d gas bottle to show you all a little bit discoloration Right there above where the hose clamps on to the bottle itself and if you get closer which it’s too dark for this camera get closer and actually still see it but there’s a cracking in the plastic so anyway first things first you obviously want to drink some coolant out.

What I did instead of doing what the Haynes manual tells me to do which is drain the entire system I really don’t want to do that I just changed out my coolant so said I grabbed me two-gallon containers I got a water bottle old antifreeze bottle funnel and then I’ve got some clear tubing I believe this is 3/8 inch inside diameter then you just pull it up to the petcock right there put that on there and then run it down to your funnel into your bottle of course don’t forget to take the top off of your reservoir so that way you have a flow path of the air then you just come up on here got the petcock and turn it so coolant starts flowing out of it into your collection apparatus using one antifreeze bottle in young water bottle like I said you drain about two gallons of coolant out and you should be about good to go ahead and replace that tank make sure it you don’t have anything overflow on you while you are pull the tank out.

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Alright and then the next thing you’re gonna want to do is you’re gonna want to disconnect any auxilary- well any connections coming out of the D gas bottle so you want to get off your d gas line.

This vent line right here lower hose connected to the bottom of the reservoir right there grab yourself a pair of pliers and get off those clamps and then afterwards we’re going to be removing it these two bolts right here they’re eight millimeters so grab yourself an eight millimeter socket and a ratchet, and get to work you and there you have it: new coolant reservoir installed. pair of pliers and get
Whenever you go to put this in there is a little stick piece sticking out of the back of this fits on a hole back there whenever you get it back there you might have seen me pop it you got to pop it in a little bit and the bolt holes will and now for the last bit on our little journey here we’re going to refill the cooling system to get on the point that I already get out crank her up one feeding system but the same there’s some pressure made sure that the reservoir was my actual problem yep alright so I got the cooling system warmed up fuel normal temperature wind drove around a little bit, and I don’t have any coolant leaking anymore.

So yeah pretty easy repair I mean anybody can do it. like I said I just changed my coolant about two months ago when I replaced the heater core so I didn’t want to drain the entire system fill it up with new so that’s why I drained it in bottles to reuse.

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Yep I hope this helps you if you need it and yeah enjoy see y’all around!