What I have here is a Samsung Refrigerator with fridge on top and freezer on the bottom. Model # RF263BEAESR/AA A few months ago I had the problem that it started making a noise in the back of the refrigerator I googled this and found a number of articles on website about how to solve this problem.

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The fan noise is caused by excessive ice buildup and in this area here behind this panel. and if you google this you will find a number of instructional articles on how to go about removing that whole panel here in the back there are arrows that show you where there's little Clips that need to be disengaged after you remove all the shelves of course and and also the drawers and then once you remove the shelves and the drawers and you disengage the clips at these there's four locations on either side one two up here and one one down here one down there once you remove the shelves and you disengage the clips then it's a matter of there's three big screws on the bottom and one screw behind this white square that thing just pops out you just have to be careful when you do this because there are there are wires that need to be that that are connected in this left corner that you either on clip those or you simply tilt this panel back and support it with something underneath so you don't damage those wires and then you just take a hair dryer and remove the ice buildup with a hair dryer and you dry everything off and reassemble it that took care of the noise problem and in doing my research on that I also learned that there is a way to prevent the ice buildup by putting the refrigerator into forced defrost mode on a regular basis you can do that to prevent the problem and you do that by holding the fridge button and the energy saver button down at the same time for until the panel lights all go off and then you hit any button on here four times until you get to it'll say FD forced defrost and when you do that it beeps for you all it beeps and if you leave it in that mode it'll stay in that mode enforce defrost it'll beep on a regular basis it'll stay in that mode for thirty minutes and then it will shut off so it's a good thing to do maybe like once a week because this is a problem with these Samsung refrigerators and before you go up to bed so you don't hear the beeping and it shuts off by itself anyway and it prevents ice buildup so I'm going to show you quickly how to do out here hopefully I can do that you simply hold like I said the energy saver button and the fridge button down at the same time until all the panel lights go out and then you touch any button four times the first time it goes into force freeze mode we don't want that second one is not really sure but not really sure what that one is either but the fourth one is what you want it's forced defrost and as I mentioned it will beep it will keep doing this for thirty minutes and then it will shut off and go into normal mode but if you want to shut it off yourself you simply reverse the process you hold those two buttons again at the same time oops I didn't do it long enough I'll do it again okay try this again okay it's enforce defrost hard to do this with one hand there we go okay fucking he worked okay so that turned it off now so after my I saw I took care of the ice problem the refrigerator worked fine for about six weeks but then a new problem surfaced it started freezing the food in the refrigerator compartment vegetables fruits even pitchers of ice water were freezing bottles that I had in there with water were freezing we did a lot of research on this tried to figure out what was the cause I was first pointed to possibly the the thermistor in the Defrost Thermistor Part # DA32-10104N refrigerator compartment which senses the temperature in the refrigerator needing replacement and tried that unfortunately didn't solve the problem but this part is behind this panel again in that upper corner and it's a simple plug plug in and replace part and you can get these parts online and it was like a $18.00 part like I said that did not solve the problem subsequent to that I was pointed to potentially the there's another temperature sensor in the pantry Pantry Drawer Temperature Sensor DA32-00006R in the very back where and and this is a little bit more complicated to disassemble you have to remove everything like you did before for the back panel but then you also have to remove the ice maker which is not as OOPs! Meant to say remove the Water Filter — NOT Ice Maker here! 🙂 difficult as it seems but once you remove the drawers you have to pull the the thermistor the water filter device you pull it out and then up there's clips on the bottom that clip it in once you disengage it is connected in the back obviously with hoses so you can only just move it slightly and your objective here is to remove this panel to get to the the device the area in the back which is very hard to see it's back there that's where there's a damper which controls cold air coming to this pantry from the freezer and there's also another temperature sensor back there and it's possible that that could fail and cause a temperature issue in the freezer and Pantry Drawer Temperature Sensor DA32-00006R that part looks a lot like the one up above it's a little bit shorter wire again this is an inexpensive part you can get it online and it's you can see that Amazon has them and other places like appliance parts pro Appliance Repair comm they have them appliance parts Pro is also has some very helpful articles on how to do these repairs the hardest part about this job was removing this this panel here the pantry drawer and the end this is fairly easy to do you literally have to bend this panel you can see how it's how its flexing when I put my finger under here you flex it until until this pin here is able to be disengaged and then you can remove this panel you can remove this panel after you've removed the icemaker our filter I'm sorry the filter then you can remove this by popping it up and and disengaging this pin here and then you can remove this panel and then you can get to that area in the back way back there where the damper and the temperature zone SURS are located unfortunately i went through all of that and it still did not fix the freezing problem ultimately what did fix the freezing problem was I had to call a repair guy in and he didn't have the parts with him of course but he gave me enough hints to figure out what parts to focus on his conclusion was that the fact that there was ice buildup about six weeks prior to the freezing problem indicated to him that something was malfunctioning in the defrost functionality of the refrigerator there is a heating coil that wraps around the the evaporator in the back here behind this panel and that heating coil comes on or should come on when there's excessive ice built up on the evaporator and his theory was well the fact that there was ice buildup indicates to him that that that either the coil wasn't working or the temperature sensor that kicks it in or supposed to kick it in was malfunctioning well I tested the coil because replacing the coil is is fairly complicated and I didn't want to do that unless we knew that was a problem and so what I did was I put the refrigerator into forced defrost like I showed you earlier and with the panel removed I I I touched the coil after well and and I got to tell you that coil was hot so if you're gonna do that be careful because I almost burned my finger doing that so I would suggest actually turning it off of forced defrost and waiting a few minutes and seeing if it's warm so my coil was working so the conclusion was that the temperature device sensing device that determines whether or not the the coil should come on was probably Defrost Thermostat Part # DA47-00243K the problem and in that ended up being the problem this is the part again you can order it online it's about ten dollars now this part plugs in in this corner here and these two prongs have attached with to the evaporator there's holes back there on the evaporator and once we did that the food was fine and that took care of the problem I hope this helps somebody like all the articles I looked at helped me thank you very much