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I’m gonna be showing you how to replace a cycling thermostat in your dryer the reason why you might have to do this is because your dryers not heating at all or because it’s getting too hot for this repair we’ll be using a Philips head screwdriver and a flat head screwdriver warning before doing any repairs please disconnect your power source so this is the appliance that we’ll be using in this demonstration it’s a GE keep in mind yours at home might look a little bit different than what we’ve got here but the same techniques should still apply make sure you turn your gas off so we’re gonna start by turning our dryer around so we’ll need to do is remove these screws up here in order to get the control panel off so now that we’ve got the back unscrewed we can just slide the control panel over and we’re gonna lift it up and we’re going to put it back in this space right here now we’re going to open up our dryer door and on either side there are two screws going straight up so we need to remove those screws now and we’re going to be using a Phillips head screwdriver take these screws out now that we’ve got those screws out we can take the top off all we have to do is just lift up and pull back slightly on the top and we’ll set that off to the side so now that I’ve got these screws out I want to close up our front door dryer door now I’ve got two more screws that screw into the front panel and I’m just going to remove those as well and when you remove them just make sure that when you get close to having them come out you catch them because you don’t want to fall down into the dryer there now that we’ve got those screws out we can tilt the front panel forward and once we’ve got to tilt it forward and separate it from the drum we can lift it up over the tabs on the bottom and just turn it like so because we’ve got some wires attached to it as well so now I’m going to do is I’m going to detach some of these wires here first when I want to detach is this black one that’s connected right over here and do that I’m just gonna use a flathead screwdriver and I want to pry up now I’ve got this plastic guard that’s in my way a little bit what I want to do just pull it slightly out like that so it’s removed from the frame and now I can move it out of my way again just don’t move it too far you don’t want to break it move itjust enough so that I can use my screwdriver and pry these wires off and we just need to unplug our white wire and we’ll just pull that straight out there so now I’m just going to remove this last wire here and once again pull that straight out I want to reach inside of our dryer here and I’ve got to get my arm in that little hole we’re gonna have to push up on the lever to release the tension and reach in with our other hand and now we can just take that right off so now that we’ve removed the belt from the pulley you can lift up on the belt and that will help us pick up the drum so the next thing I’m gonna do before I take anything else apart is I’m just gonna clean out the inside here so that all the dust is cleaned out and I can see what I’m doing a little bit better now we’ve got most of the dust cleaned out so we’ll continue with our repair so you’ll see right here we’ve got three thermostats right in a row we’re gonna be replacing this bottom one right here so in order to get this out it’s got two tabs sticking in I’m just going to push on this first tab right here that’ll pop it through the hole and if you need to use your screwdriver in order to push it the rest of the way out and then you can just pull it out now we’ll unplug all the wires and all we have to do is just pull the wire straight out and if you’re having a hard time getting the wires out you can always use a flathead screwdriver like so and just pop them off now you can grab your new OEM replacement thermostat if you don’t have one already you can find it on our online store so what I want to do now I’ll reattach the wires and the purple on my memory was on that side and these were all just like this now that we’ve got the wires reattached put the tab in on that side and the round part will go into the hole here and the other tab will just squeeze through and it will go through on the other side so you’ll see on the back of your drum here there’s a small shaft and when you put the drum back in you’re gonna want to make sure that shaft goes into that hole right there there we go so it’s a little bit hard to line it up when you can’t really see it back there but you can do the best you can and it might take a couple of tries to get it exactly in place there we go after a couple of tries you should be able to get it in there and you’ll see that the rim of the drum is inside the frame of the dryer there now to put the drum back on we’re going to take the belt we’re going to go on the other side of the wheel here just like this and we’re going to lift it up keeping this all together and then loop the belt around the shaft here and make sure everything’s on straight there we go and then everything should be able to spin freely now just like that we’re gonna reattach that to the middle this is a white wire that goes up along the edge of the door and goes to the light so that’s plugged in now and now with this last one attach it right there now I’m gonna put this plastic piece back into place so right into that slot right there and we’ll plug our last wire in and you’re just going to make sure that these slight bumps there line up with the holes on the side that fits in nicely and now I’ll put the front panel back on so now we’re gonna line up our front panel with the tabs on the bottom we’re going to set those into those tabs and stand the door up as we do that we’re also gonna line up with the drum and the inside of that plastic piece on the washer is going in the drum and we’ve also got these metal tabs on the side they’re going into the slots on the frame so once those are all lined up and the panels flush we can screw it back on so now we’re gonna get our screw started in this hole here and then after we get it started screw it down nice and tight same thing on this side start our screw into by hand and use our Philips head screwdriver to finish the job now I’m gonna put the top back on and you’ll see there are two tabs sticking out from the top there gonna be two slots that correspond with them so I want to line all those up so after I line those up make sure that tabs going to the slots just like that and there’s a couple on the front as well so now we can screw that back in so we’ll put in our screw and with that little tiny hole at the top you should be able to line up the screw with the hole that it belongs to there once you got that started a little bit screwing it in now we’re going to put our lint filter back into place since that came out a little while ago now we can close our dryer door now we can line our control panel back up and slide that back over and set that back into place and then we just screw it back in now we can turn our dryer back around and then once we do that we’ll plug everything back in and your repair is complete now we can turn our gas back on finally don’t forget to plug in your appliance if you need to replace any parts for your appliances you can find an OEM replacement part on our website PC appliance repair calm thanks for reading and please don’t forget to like comment and share our article also don’t forget to subscribe to our website your support helps us make more articles just like these for you to read for free

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